Ruze isn’t just a fashion brand; it’s a way of life. When you wear Ruze, you know you’re a strong, powerful, and unstoppable woman. Our clothes were created with the belief that fashion and sports can make a beautiful combination. Ruze arose from the need to create a brand for women with a well-developed fashion sense, who understand that sportswear isn’t just something you wear at the gym – it’s also a fashionable and stylistic statement. We’re constantly updating and innovating our collection according to global trends. We use special colors, flattering cuts, and fabrics that make you look like your most fit, powerful, and feminine self.


In recent years, Shay Zahavi has become a leading name in the world of fitness, sports nutrition, and healthy lifestyle. Now, she’s decided to combine her love for sports and fashion and established a brand solely dedicated to female empowerment. Every single piece in the collection has been meticulously crafted by Shay and assembled into a unique set of clothing at the highest level. Ruze’s collection will compliment each and every woman in any shape and weight. Shay believes in setting ambitious goals, striving for success, and feminine power. You can see how this all embodies in every single piece she’s created, especially for you.